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            How to monitor the quality of spiral air duct in production

            UpdateTime  2019-12-02 17:24:44 Foshan Nanhai Kaishun Spiral Duct Factory 閱讀

            At that time, spiral air ducts were widely used in ventilation engineering, especially for some large-diameter spiral air ducts, they were generally used in underground engineering. Because the spiral pipeline construction is a new equipment technology, its storage, processing and equipment have many new advantages. As long as we control these aspects, we can guarantee the final construction quality.

            How to monitor the quality of spiral air duct in production

            1. High appearance quality. The inner part of the formed air duct is lubricated and the outer wall is smooth.

            2. The strength of air duct is large. Because the spiral rib formed by the outer wall occlusion is evenly distributed and has the function of strengthening the rib, the unit strength of the spiral rib is greater than that of the plane occluded duct;

            3, the pipeline sealing function is superior. Therefore, machining can reduce the error of compensation operation and ensure the airtightness of air duct. The air leakage is far less than the range value specified in the standard;

            4. The amount of data used has decreased. Because the unit strength of spiral air duct is relatively large, the thickness of coil used for the same size of air duct can be smaller. The section length of air duct is larger than that of plane snap in air duct, and the section number of air duct with the same length is significantly reduced. In addition, the selection of air duct section without flange can save a lot of original data;

            5. Fast processing speed and high precision. Mechanical assembly line processing is not limited by the skill level of workers, which is very conducive to improving the processing quality of

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