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            What should be paid attention to when making and installing the spiral duct support?

            UpdateTime  2019-12-02 17:25:43 Foshan Nanhai Kaishun Spiral Duct Factory 閱讀

            As we all know, the spiral air duct is now widely used in the interior of the building. Its main function is to have excellent ventilation and ventilation effect together with the internal and external ends of the building. In the process of spiral air duct installation, a bracket needs to be installed to support and assist. What should we pay attention to when making and installing the spiral air duct?

            What should be paid attention to when making and installing the spiral duct support?

            I. in the process of making the bracket, it is required to strictly follow the national standards, select the section steel specification specified in the drawing set, and it is not allowed to change it at will.

            II. All bolt holes on the air duct support shall be drilled, and gas welding method shall not be used to open holes.

            III. the blanking of hanger shall be accurate. In addition, there shall be no lap weld in the middle of hanger.

            IV. when the cross section of spiral air duct is small, the air duct suspender can be fixed on the floor with expansion bolts. When the air duct is large, the drilling shall be carried out in a certain way.

            V. before installing the support, the center line of the air duct shall pop up the wall, column and floor surface, and then pay attention to the horizontal position and standard height of the support, in order to ensure the levelness and plane center position of the installed air duct

            Vi. before the installation of bracket, the exposed part shall be derusted and painted with antirust paint.

            VII. For low air duct, in order to prevent cold bridge, the contact surface between air duct and support shall be padded with wood block or wood block.

            VIII. When the steel members are pre arranged on the walls and columns, the position and elevation of the steel members shall be checked before the concrete pouring of civil works.

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